Buyer Do’s and Don’ts

Attention Home Buyers

DO’s and DON’Ts

Your loan may require updating and re-approval prior to closing.  Any change in your employment, income, credit, credit history, and/assets may affect your approval status.


DO continue to make payments on time on your auto, credit cards, etc.  This will help keep your credit in good standing.

DO maintain a paper trail.  Document and explain any large or excessive deposits to your accounts (checking, savings, stock, etc.).  the lender needs to know where the money came from.

DO keep pay stubs, bank statements, tax forms, etc. available should we need to update your documentation prior to closing.

DO ask questions if you do not understand your loan program and/or your loan conditions.

DO let you Loan Counselor know if you are unable to keep to your savings plan and if you may need to “borrow” money for closing.  We may be able to switch your loan program to one requiring a lower down payment.  Also, most of our loan programs do not allow “borrowed” funds and we may have to re-structure and/or document your closing funds according to specific Underwriting Guidelines.

DO document that your earnest money deposit has cleared your account – keep a copy of your canceled check and/or bank statement reflecting funds have cleared your account.

DO lock in your interest rate when you are 30-45 days away from the estimated delivery (closing).  Please have your homeowner’s insurance agent information available and provide updated documentation (pay stubs, bank statement, etc) in a timely manner so as not to delay your closing.

DO add and keep seasoned funds to your account.  If you are being gifted by a friend or relative to help your purchase, do add these gifted funds to your account as soon as possible as seasoned funds rank very high when establishing your loan program with your chosen lender.

DO NOT increase your credit card balances and/or loan balances.

DO NOT apply for additional or new credit, or put balances on a paid credit card.

DO NOT absolutely make late payments on any of your accounts.

DO NOT ignore late payment and/or collection notices that you may get during the course of your loan.

DO NOT buy furniture, cars, or appliances until after closing.  There will be special sales that happen throughout the year.  What good is new furniture if you do not have a new home to put them in?

DO NOT lend money to family member, friends, etc. if you need it for your closing.

DO NOT store your money at home.  Please place it in your bank account so that we can document your savings throughout the loan process.

DO NOT have overdrafts (NSF or bounced check) on you checking account.  Please plan your finances accordingly.

DO NOT change jobsA new job may involve a probation period, which must be satisfied before income from that job can be considered for qualifying purposes.

DO NOT run a TRW credit report on yourself.  This will show up on your lender’s credit report as an inquiry and must be explained in writing.  Your credit scores are also reduced with each inquiry.

DO NOT attempt to consolidate bills before speaking with your lender.  The lender can advise you if this needs to be done.

DO NOT pack or ship information that may be needed for the loan application.  Important paperwork such as W-2 forms, DD214 forms, divorce decrees and tax returns should not be packed with your household goods.  Duplicate copies take weeks to obtain.

DO NOT attempt to represent yourself.  I know the Las Vegas Valley. I know what is customary and necessary in a Real Estate Transaction with your best interest in mind.  The seller has an agent thinking and looking out for their best interest, you deserve to have the same.  Remember the seller pays the Buyer’s agent commission and it is already built into the sales price; therefore, you will pay the same sales price for your property even if you have no representation.  I can save you money and time while implementing for you a smart, smooth, and successful investment.

DO Relax.  I will take you through the buying process with ease and grace and will be there for you every step of the way!


Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS
 702-355-H.o.m.e. [4663]


Cash Terms Instructions

CASH TERMS-Read This  

Below please find the standard and customary docs needed upfront for a smooth, streamline, and successful presentation and acceptance of Purchase Agreement and a successful Close of Escrow for the purchase of Residential Property in the Las Vegas, NV Real Estate arena of today.

BUYER KINDLY PLEASE SUPPLY Courtesy of Financial Verification with a Photo ID PRIOR TO TOURING HOMES
[email PDF format is most ideal]



PURCHASING WITH ALL CASH FROM A PERSON:  Must Supply Courtesy of Financial Verification From:
~A current bank statement [within 30 days] with verifiable funds to substantiate the amount of the purchase price with principal/buyer’s name on it.  (Truncation of account number and social security number are acceptable)
~A CURRENT LETTER OF FUNDS VERIFICATION FROM THE BANK  [within 30 days] with principal/buyer’s name, on bank letterhead, with bank contact information, signed by the bank representative.

PURCHASING WITH ALL CASH FROM A TRUST, LLC, OR CORPORATION:  Must Supply Courtesy of Financial Verification From…A bank statement with verifiable funds to substantiate the amount of the purchase price with entity/principal/buyer’s name on it. (Truncation of account and TIN number are acceptable)

If the Buyer is a  TRUST, LLC, or CORPORATION :  Must provide PROOF OF AUTHORITY From:
 [Title/Escrow Company will need this to close]

Trust:  Provide Trustee docs:  If you can provide  the Trust Certificate that would be great.    If not we would need to see the first page which shows the name of the trust, the page that shows the trustees, the page that shows the powers of the trust (looking to see if the trust has the rights to purchase), and signature pages. 

LLC:  Provide LLC Manager docs

Corporation:  Provide Articles of Incorporation

BUYER KINDLY PLEASE SUPPLY Courtesy of Financial Verification with a Photo ID PRIOR TO TOURING HOMES         [email PDF format is most ideal]

Banks/Sellers will not accept:
~Receipts from ATM machines
~Letter from parents or friends
~Letter of Intent
Check book for Earnest Money Deposit [EMD]
Most ideal for the check to have principal/buyer’s name pre-printed on the check.

~Identification Card
~Valid Driver’s License
~Current Passport
~Green Card with Photo


FINANCING: A pre-approval letter from a national bank with complete lender contact information and signature on a company letter head stating the pre-approved amount that substantiates the purchase price with the principal/buyer name that is also on the approved loan/lender approval letter.


  Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS
702-355-H.o.m.e. [4663]

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