Is It A Safe Area

RE: Safe Area: To help you answer the question…..Is this a safe area?

The best way for me to answer this question is to be “The source of the source.”

> Go to the LV Metropolitan Police website   >   CLICK HERE

> Go to the PROTECT YOURSELF TAB at the top of the page

> Use the Pull Down Menu and go to CRIME MAPPING

> You are ready now to put in the address or ZIP CODE in the SEARCH BAR on top of page

Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS
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“OverLap” Retirement Plan

For years I have been helping clients whom plan to retire in Las Vegas with the “Over Lap” Retirement Plan.

You see there are many people whom currently own and reside in high priced states….such as California, New York, and Hawaii, just to name a few.  They have some savings; whereas they may purchase a retirement home in Las Vegas while holding on to their current home.

The reasons are simple….hence the “Over Lap” Retirement Plan works…

Home #1–Residing in now             Home # 2–Residing and retiring in later

1.  Las Vegas Homes are so low priced that many have savings to well enough to afford a purchase of Las Vegas Home #2 for their future retirement.

2.  Home #1 is much higher priced than Home #2 the Las Vegas acquisition.   Whereas when this current economic cycle ends, Home #1 will sell at even a higher price than now.  The sale of home #1 is then put back in the kitty whereby replenishing their retirement savings account.

3.  While planning for this transition, many soon to be retirees are enjoying Las Vegas Home #2 as a second vacation home.

Although financial sense is a motivation for the “Over Lap” Retirement Plan, there are some there other motivating factors….

1.  The Weather in Las Vegas seems to be easier on the joints than from the much colder areas.

2.  People get tired of the harsh snow conditions of shoveling snow, getting stuck, being inconvenienced, having to stay indoors, and dealing with all the pitfalls of cold weather conditions.

3.  Las Vegas does not have State Income tax.  Although when you retire you may be in a lower tax bracket, no state tax does comes in handy as every little bit can help.

3.  Las Vegas has a lot to offer seniors.  Some do enjoy the casino recreation such as Bingo, Slots, and Card playing.

4.  The Las Vegas Age-restricted communities have a bountiful of activities for its members along with pool, spa, golf, tennis amenities, and social events.

5.  For those whom like to dine out, Las Vegas does offer the finest restaurants on and off the Strip.

6.  Las Vegas is such an attractive destination, that retirees are assured that they will have an exciting and fun-filled environment for visiting families.

Below please find just a few Age-Restricted Communities – Active Adult [55+] that you will find in Las Vegas.

SUN CITY SUMMERLIN — Sun City Summerlin is located Summerlin in the Northwest Area of Las Vegas.  There are 3,470 homes on 2,400 acres in Sun City Summerlin ranging from 1020-4050 Square Feet.  Community Amenities Include:  Community Golf, Miniature Golf, Racquetball Court, Recreation Room, Tennis, Gym, 3 Outdoor Pools, 2 Indoor Pools, 4 community centers, and Spa.

My father lives in Sun City Summerlin and here is where he found the love of his life and is very happy.


SUN CITY ALIANTE—Sun City Aliante is located in Aliante North Las Vegas area.  It is north and within close proximity of the I215.  It is residential, clean, pride of ownership, and complete amenities.  The Community Amenities Include:  Golf, Recreation Room, Clubhouse, Gym, Pool, Spa, and Tennis.

Aliante is home to the Aliante Station Casino.  Locals do enjoy the many restaurants, buffets, lounges, movie theatres, and recreational bingo, slots, and card playing.

Sun City Aliante has homes ranging from 1157-2104 SqFt.


SUN CITY ANTHEM—Sun City Anthem is one of the largest age restricted communities in the Las Vegas with approximately 7500 homes.
Amenities include the community centers, 2 golf courses, tennis courts, bocce ball, pickle ball, paddle ball, indoor and outdoor pools, state-of-the-art fitness equipment,  security, community television station channel 99 and an on- site restaurant.
Homes range from 1,442 sq. ft. to 3175 sq. ft.
Sun City Anthem is rated #1 in’s list of its ‘10 favorite luxurious active adult communities in the United States.’

Here is a link to Sun City Anthem Hoa—>>


SOLERA AT STALLION MOUNTAIN—Las Vegas-Stallion Mountain is the lowest Priced Guard Gated-Golf Course Community in Las Vegas!

Stallion Mountain is a Guard Gated-Golf Course community located in the East just east of Boulder Highway and off of Flamingo.   It is 5 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and within close proximity to McCarran Airport.

The homes are approximately 1150sf t 2800sf.  Some homes have pools and some have pool size backyards and some homes have a golf course view.  You will find well built Pulte homes in Stallion Mountain.  You will find one story homes in the  Age-restricted community in Stallion Mountain called Solera.


Stallion Mountain has the lowest price homes that are within a Guard Gated – Golf Course Community. Stallion Mountain a TRUE VALUE.

If you would like to find out more about the wonderful Age-Restricted Communities located in Las Vegas, why not contact me and I shall be happy to assist.


Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS

702-355-H.o.m.e. [4663]

Shortsale Disclosure

Below please read my disclosure about short sales….

Please be advised that as a buyer in this market at this time, a Traditional sale is most favorable for a buyer to pursue a TRADITIONAL SALE vs a SHORT SALE.  With a short sale, we have the owner whom will accept an offer, which is subject to the lender’s/bank/lien holder approval.  The lender/bank/lien holder may respond with accept, reject, or counter the offer. This response may take several months.   Therefore a buyer’s earnest money deposit may remain dormant in escrow for quite a long period resulting with buyer frustration.
A buyer’s best position/approach is to target a Traditional Sale, not a short sale.

Below please find additional short sale disclosures:
~Buyer is informed that the lender/bank/lien holder may take as long as 90-180 days to respond to the request for a short sale and may still not give an approval.
~Buyer is informed that the rate lock of buyer loan may expire during this period.
~Buyer is informed that the short sale subject property may be foreclosed during this period.   If the property forecloses, then the short sale is terminated.
~The Seller may negotiate a Loan Modification with bank, whereas bank may approve Loan Modification vs short sale for solution for seller’s hardship.  If seller does a Loan Modification, then the short sale is cancelled.
~The Seller may cancel the deal if the Seller does not receive a FULL WAIVER OF SHORT SALE DEFICIENCY from the lien holder.
~Seller must submit a specific and complete short sale package to have his request reviewed. Each bank has a very specific process for making short sale decisions. If the short sale package is not complete or is done correctly, your offer will never make it through the short sale process or may have lengthy delays.
~Buyer is informed that there have been cases whereas seller was not available to close.
~Buyer is informed that a low percentage [between up to 30%-33%] of short sale deals actually successfully close.
~Buyer is informed that the lender does not own the property. The terms of the purchase contract are agreed upon between the seller and buyer. The lender’s/bank/lien holder approval of a short sale is a contingency. Escrow may be opened within 24 hours of acceptance by of the purchase agreement, not when the lender’s approval of the short sale is received.
~Many short sales are not well maintained homes by virtue that the seller does not have money.  Pride of Ownership may be compromised by short sale seller.
~Short sales may require the buyer to pay Law Offices, a third party processor; buyer is to pay $1,500 as a processing fee. 
~Short sales usually sell at Fair Market Value.  [Short sale may not be the perceived “Screaming Deal”]
~Short sales do not have the intrinsic value of certainty.

I recommend all of my buying clients to choose Traditional Sales vs short sales.

Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS
702-355-H.o.m.e. [4663]


Some Truths about REO Inventory and AUCTIONS…..

I am a licensee in Las Vegas.  Below you will find some truths about REO Inventory…..

  1. All Realtors have the same access to the same inventory.  Many buyers think that some Realtors may have exclusive REO listings….not the case.  Remember a list agent for the bank is acting in the best interest of his client/the bank.  Do you think that it is in the best interest of the client/the bank to limit their exposure and  to limit their greatest NET potential of an already non-performing asset/liability on the books??
  1.  All REOs are listed on the MLS.  The banks will disperse foreclosed properties to the asset managers.  The asset manager will disperse these properties to licensees to list and sell with maximum MLS exposure for maximum seller NET.
  1. The banks are not selling to individuals whom are not represented by a Realtor.  There is a process for offer submission with respect to proper procedure and documentation.  Licensees know the process.  Private individuals do not.  The asset managers will not consider this option as improper procedure and documentation are just a time consumption that is not entertained.

RE:  Auctions:

I am privy to auctions in Las Vegas. I find that a buyer is better poised to purchase the REO or TRADITIONAL SALE at the comfort and pace of the buyer.

Auction-Buyer to inspect HOA docs and complete inspections prior to the auction. Therefore buyer is poised to pay monies and may not even win the bid!

–Buyer to inspect HOA docs and complete inspections after accepted offer.Auction-Buyer to pay 5% of sales price above winning bid. (Service charge for advertising and running the event)

REO and TRADITIONAL SALE on the MLS–Buyer will be able to purchase a property from MLS just as competitively as the Auction.

More on Auction  There are:

PremiumsUsually 5% of the Bid Price padded to make the Sales Price.

Opening bids-Teaser

Reserve bids-The minimum amount that the bank has pre-established to sell property for.

Absolute bids– Las Vegas auction does not have absolute bids whereas the property will go highest bidder.  Therefore if the bid does not make the Reserve, the property does not get sold.

Shills-Hired by the Auctioneer at the auctions whom will compete with buyers to encourage higher bidding.

Everything is an auction so to speak. A buyer has a choice to bid on properties on the MLS in the comfort of the buyer’s pace and in the buyer’s arena vs. a buyer to bid on properties at the Auctioneers’ hyped up pace and arena.

If you need professional assistance to purchase your next home in Las Vegas, I will be happy to help you. I can successfully help you get you your home within your budget.

If you have any questions, please let me know….thanks and have a great day! Julia 🙂

Julia St. Marie, ABR, RRG, RSPS, Certified REO Specialist
702-355-H.o.m.e. [4663]  —